Jimmy Sexton, LL.M. and the Esquire Group offers custom wealth structuring services to high net worth individuals.

Our custom solutions are designed to last for generations. Jimmy will personally design a custom plan that will arrange how your wealth is passed to your heirs.

Are you concerned about how your businesses will operate in the future and how your wealth will be used?

With family governance and succession planning, our custom plans provide clarity and guidance to each heir regarding their roles and responsibilities in the future. Our solutions provide the most stable platform for your wealth’s continued growth after it passes to your heirs.

Importantly, we create plans that are designed around our clients’ lifestyles. We understand that the future is uncertain. Our plans are flexible so that changes can be made as needs and circumstances evolve.

Tell us about your businesses, your lifestyle, and what you hope to achieve with a Wealth Structure, and Jimmy will create one that allows you to keep living as you desire.

Working With Jimmy

Jimmy will be personally involved with creating, implementing, and managing your wealth structuring plan.

You will receive a 100% custom and bespoke plan that is specifically tailored to your needs and desires.

We never sell any pre-made structures or solutions.


Because every client is unique. At the end of the day, a wealth structuring plan only works if it allows the client to be protected while still living as they desire.

Let’s figure out what kind of solutions are right for you. 

The Esquire Advantage 

Jimmy and the Esquire Group take great pride in being creative and innovative. 

Sure, we could just crank out the same structures for every client that walks through the door. But that would be boring and wouldn’t live up to our standards.

Want to know a dirty little secret? A lot of consultants just shove all of their clients into a handful of “solutions” – the only custom thing about them is the names on the papers.

We thrive on the challenge of creating unique solutions. This stuff is fun for us. 

What makes the Esquire Group different? Why should I trust Jimmy and not somebody else?

That’s easy.

Everyone else catering to high net worth individuals actually boasts about researching all possible solutions to keep your wealth protected within the boundaries of the law.

That’s just the first step in Jimmy’s research process.

What if you could benefit from a law being rewritten? What if you could benefit from the creation of a brand new law?

Jimmy and the Esquire Group have successfully lobbied governments to change their lows on behalf of clients

How’s that for going above and beyond?

When we say that you get a 100% custom plan, we mean it. Even if that requires changing a few laws to get the job done. 

A Hand-Picked Network of Experts

Jimmy’s custom wealth structuring plans involve multiple countries and jurisdictions. It pays to know the local customs, regulations, and laws so that your plan gets implemented quickly and legally.

This requires some help.

Jimmy has spent nearly two decades developing an elite network of top-flight talents in law, tax, accounting, and other professional services to assist him in securing your wealth.

What to Expect

Jimmy will personally create a custom wealth structuring plan for you that brings together:

    • Tax Planning
    • Wealth Protection
    • Estate Planning
    • Family Governance
    • Succession Planning

If you have any other needs, they will also be included in your plan.

All of these aspects are brought together with your lifestyle and goals in mind. Not just as they exist today but as they evolve and change in the years to come.

Types of Solutions

Jimmy’s plans typically involve setting up:

    • Family Offices
    • Private Trust Companies
    • Trusts & Foundations
    • Holding Structures
    • Multinational Business Structures

If your plan calls for something else, we can handle that too.

Already have a wealth structure plan?

That’s not a problem. We frequently help clients modify and reorganize current wealth structures. 

Need a Sharia compliant structure?

We can do that as well. Jimmy and the Esquire Group have the resources to ensure that your plan is 100% Sharia compliant.

Structure Maintenance

Don’t worry, we’ll never just build you a wealth structure and send you out the door!

Jimmy and the Esquire Group will help manage your plan and provide ongoing advisory services.

Your custom structure will be designed to survive for generations. We will make sure that the wealth you’ve build is still around for you heirs to enjoy.

Getting Started

Building a custom wealth structuring plan cannot be done overnight. The time to secure your family’s wealth is now.

Jimmy is personally involved with every step along the way in creating custom wealth structuring plans for our clients. As a result, the availability of our wealth structuring services is extremely limited

Wealth Structuring Plans

  • 100% custom
  • Designed around your goals and lifestyle
  • Flexible 
  • Provide guidance for heirs 
  • Sharia compliant structures
  • Ongoing advisory services 

Experience the relief that comes after implementing a custom wealth structuring plan created by Jimmy and the Esquire Group.

Our clients find peace of mind knowing their wealth is secure today and will be for generations to come.

What about yours?

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