The purpose of an investment fund is pretty obvious–to make as much money as possible for its investors. Choosing the right fund type, structure, and jurisdiction is almost as important to its success as making sound investment decisions.

There’s a lot that goes in to setting up a fund. You need to determine whether it will be public or private, open-ended or closed-ended, and whether it will be self-managed or professionally managed. You also need to consider where it will invest, what it will invest in, where the investors will be located, regulatory requirements, from where it will be managed, how it will be taxed, market perception, and market access.

What We Do

  • Fund structure design
  • Fund structure implementation
  • Fund restructuring
  • Fund management company structuring & setup
  • Fund management company restructuring
  • Ongoing and ad hoc advisory service

Our business is advice, which means we won’t try to sell you a particular structure or jurisdiction. What matters to us is that the structure and location of the fund are what’s best for stakeholders.

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