Jimmy Sexton, LL.M., Founder and CEO of the Esquire Group, has been part of the international tax community for nearly two decades. With our International Tax Advisory service, you can personally work with Jimmy to achieve the results you desire.

After discussing your particular needs and circumstances, Jimmy will craft solutions to reduce your tax bill where possible while satisfying all reporting requirements – with the US and any other country as necessary.

The Esquire Advantage

International tax laws are extremely complicated. Some tax professionals get lost in theoretical and purely academic rabbit holes.

Don’t worry – we understand that you live in the real world.

Jimmy will combine the technicalities found in the law with real world experience to form custom tax solutions that produce the results you desire.

Are You a Good Fit?

Before getting started, we want to make sure that you’re a good fit for our services.

Our International Tax Advisory service is great for US citizens and Green Card holders with an international aspect to their tax return. Also, it’s designed for non-US citizens that will have a US component to their tax return.

What We Do

Jimmy helps our International Tax Advisory clients solve a wide variety of problems.

Here are some of the solutions we help individuals achieve:

    • Establish US residency
    • Terminate US residency
    • Pre-immigration planning
    • Expatriation
    • Investing abroad (for US citizens)
    • Foreign investment in the US
    • Gift and Estate tax issues
    • Tax and reporting compliance

We frequently help businesses with:

    • Cross-border transactions
    • Transfer pricing
    • Controlled Foreign Corporations
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Tax treaties
    • Taxation of foreign entities
    • International banking

These are just the most common issues faced by our clients. If your personal situation requires additional services, we can handle them as well.

100% Custom

Perhaps you own a company and desire to expand into the US market. Or, maybe you want to capitalize on America being the world’s largest tax haven.

Maybe you’re a US citizen looking to go international.

Regardless of your needs, Jimmy will create custom solutions that incorporate your lifestyle and needs.

We don’t do cookie-cutter.

Limited Availability

Jimmy is personally involved with creating custom tax solutions for our International Tax Advisory clients. As a result, the availability of our International Tax Advisory services are extremely limited. 

You’ve worked hard to earn your success. But going international puts a target on your back. Government bureaucrats will be making sure that you do everything by the book.

Why take a huge risk with your international tax needs?

Hire the best. Hire Jimmy and the Esquire Group.

You’ve earned it. 

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