Creating and growing a profitable business is difficult enough. Governments around the world make things significantly more difficult for business owners with overbearing taxation and regulation.

Your business is likely being held back.

The Esquire Group offers custom Corporate Structuring plans to unleash your businesses’ potential.

Jimmy Sexton, LL.M., Founder and CEO of the Esquire Group, understands your pain. The Esquire Group is a multinational enterprise. Her will personally create and implement a custom Corporate Structuring plan to help your business thrive. 

We can help you implement many of the strategies used by the Esquire Group to achieve and maintain its status as an industry leader. 

 The Esquire Advantage

Just like how many business school professors never left academia, many service providers in this industry only understand how Corporate Structuring works on paper. 

Jimmy and the Esquire Group understand how this stuff works in the real world.

The custom Corporate Structure Jimmy will create for you will likely include many strategies he personally uses for the Esquire Group.

Many other service providers get bogged down in legal theory and seem to create plans that might impress lawyers and accountants but don’t serve their clients’ best interests.

We understand that you just want results. Our goal is to serve you, not impress other industry professionals.

100% Custom

Your custom Corporate Structuring plan will be designed around your needs and desires.

We will never sell you and pre-packaged solutions.


Because your situation is unique.

We hold ourselves to the highest standard. Our clients deserve and receive the best possible service.

Pre-packaged solutions do not meet our standards of care.

There are some well-known strategies out there. Some might actually be right for you. But you won’t get the results you’re seeking without Jimmy’s personal involvement in creating and implementing your Corporate Structure.


Because even if a popular strategy is right for you, it needs to be executed with great care.

Many service providers shove their clients into a handful of “solutions.” On the surface, their recommendations might even sound very similar to our own. But nobody can match our level of execution.

There is a reason we cost more.

They make their money on volume. Jimmy will be personally involved with every step of the process in designing and implementing your plan.

Every document we file is customized for your needs.

Immediate Benefits – Flexible Future

Your custom plan will bring together:

    • Tax
    • Regulation
    • Succession Planning
    • Commercial Acceptability
    • Privacy 
    • Banking

If your situation calls for additional features, we can handle them as well.

Designing and implementing our custom plans typically involves

    • Restructuring your current organizational structure
    • Dispositions
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Intra-Group Transfers

Once implemented, your plan will immediately have your business(es) running with improved efficiency.

Critically, the improvements achieved from you custom plan will last for years to come. 

Jimmy carefully designs plans that leave you options in the future. Governments are constantly changing their  tax and regulatory systems. Your personal preferences and desires will evolve over time.

Your plan will be designed with flexibility to accommodate needed changes as they arise.

Don’t forget, Jimmy will help keep you plan up to date with ongoing advisory services. 

A Hand-Picked Network of Experts

Jimmy’s custom Corporate  Structuring plans involve multiple countries and jurisdictions. It pays to know the local customs, regulations, and laws so that your plan gets implemented quickly and legally.

This requires some help.

Jimmy has spent nearly two decades developing an elite network of top-flight talents in law, tax, accounting, and other professional services to assist him in creating and implementing your custom plan.

Limited Availability

Building a custom Corporate Structuring plan cannot be done overnight. The time to secure your businesses’ continued success and future expansion is now.

Jimmy is personally involved with every step along the way in creating custom Corporate Structuring plans for our clients. As a result, the availability of our Corporate Structuring services is extremely limited

What We Do

We're seriously impressed by anybody that can create and grow a business in today's environment.

With a custom Corporate Structuring plan from Jimmy and the Esquire Group, your competitors won't understand your sudden growth in market share.

Let Jimmy unleash the true potential of your business.

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