Governments around the world are making it increasingly difficult to keep the wealth you’ve earned. Fortunately, a select group of countries and jurisdictions cater to wealthy individuals and their desire for flexibility in structuring their lifestyle and finances.

Jimmy Sexton, LL.M., Founder and CEO of the Esquire Group, has been an outspoken advocate for the right of individuals to keep what they’ve earned and maintain privacy regarding their success.

With our Citizenship and Residency Planning services, Jimmy will personally plan and organize your affairs to help you achieve the life of your dreams.

The Esquire Advantage

Reducing your personal and business tax burden is great. There are a lot of service providers that can improve your life… at least on paper.

But we believe it is shortsighted to consider nothing else.

We understand your desire to be happy in your daily life.

Jimmy and the experts at the Esquire Group have traveled extensively. We can help you pick the countries and jurisdictions that align with your personality, preferences, and lifestyle.

Here are just some things to consider when planning your citizenship and residency:

    • Lifestyle desired for you and your family
    • Compatibility with the local culture
    • Your travel needs
    • Your business needs
    • Taxes
    • Privacy and security
    • Medical services
    • Educational options for children
    • Language barriers

Naturally, we can account for any other concern that you might have.

A Hand-Picked Network of Experts

Achieving your goals will likely involve taking action in several countries and jurisdictions. It pays to know the local customs, regulations, and laws so that your plan gets implemented quickly and legally.

This requires some help.

Jimmy has spent nearly two decades developing an elite network of top-flight talents in law, tax, accounting, and other professional services to assist him in implementing your citizenship and residency plan.

100% Custom

We have plenty of experiencing with organizing our client’s citizenships and residencies. But we will never push you into a solution only because we are familiar with it.

Your citizenship and residency plan will be totally dependent on your needs and desires. Even if that means doing something new.

We never shy away from a challenge. We love being innovative.

Jimmy and the Esquire Group have the resources to extensively research an idea before taking action.

Limited Availability

Creating and implementing your citizenship and residency plan cannot be done overnight. The time to achieve your lifestyle goals is now.

Jimmy is personally involved with every step along the way in creating custom citizenship and residency plans for our clients. As a result, the availability of our wealth structuring services is extremely limited

Citizenship & Residency Planning

You don't have to tolerate the conditions imposed on you by the government.

Exercise your options.

Hire the best. Hire Jimmy and the Esquire Group to create a plan that allows you to live the life of your dreams.

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