Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our unique brand of truly independent strategic international tax and structuring advice to HNWIs, Family Offices, MNEs, and Investment Funds. We value intellectually stimulating projects and clients with whom we have mutual like, respect, and trust.

Our Services

International Tax Advisory

- Expat Tax Issues
- Establishing/Terminating U.S. Residency
- Taxation Foreign Income/Assets
- Tax Compliance
- U.S. Investment Abroad
- Foreign Investment in the U.S.
- Gift & Estate Tax Issues
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Wealth Structuring

- Family Offices
- Private Trust Companies
- Trusts & Foundations
- Holding Structures
- Multinational Business Structures
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- Pre-expatriation Planning
- Expatriation Assistance
- Post-expatriation Compliance & Planning
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Citizenship and Residency Planning

- Identify your citizenship and residency options
- Assist you in selecting the best options for you
- Update your wealth and/or corporate structures as needed
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Corporate Structuring

- Structure design
- Structure implementation
- Structure management
- Restructuring
- Mergers & Acquisitions
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Investment Funds

- Fund structure design
- Fund structure implementation
- Fund restructuring
- Fund management company structuring & setup
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Our Approach

Our approach is designed to ensure you get the best advice or structure for you. We understand that what’s best for you is not necessarily what’s best going strictly by the numbers. Your personality, lifestyle, preferences, risk tolerance, and non-business goals are just as, if not more, important.


The first step

To effectively advise you, we need to understand you, your situation, and your goals and objectives. We also want to make sure we answer any questions you have and that we get along. This is what your consultation is intended to accomplish.

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“Life’s too short to work on boring projects with people who suck.”

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